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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Romanian calusar doll made in the 1970s

We have previously discussed a doll in the female  Romanian national costume which depicts the Oas regional etnographic costume of northern Transilvania. Similarly, in this post we present the doll in the male costume from the Bihor county and Crisanan Regional capital Oradea in Western Romania.

However, this costume has its origins in Moldovan tradition.  In more detail, this dance has had a feeling of some sort of spiritual warning, or coming of spring. This is a mystical spiritual dance and it was for the first time mentioned in the king Centemir’s Descripto Moldaviae Framkfurt und Leipzig 1771.  Although, historically shared at the same time with Romania, Moldova has become independent in 1991. Today, this dance is also performed in different Romanian surrounding countries by the  Romanian ethnic minorities.

However, pictured doll wears typical Romanian calusarii costume characteristic for the North West Romania. The word calusari is is of non-English origin. It was derived from the word calusarri given to dancers of this kind in Romanian language. There are different interpretations for the origin of the name calusari in Romanian language.However, calusari have been defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary  as 'a Romanian hobbyhorse dance’.

Doll height: 32 cm. This is an original Coop.Arta Crisana Oradea Papusa Port Popular Calusar.

Northern Transilvania regional costume made in 1970s

Pictured doll is a product of the Handicraft cooperation that made dolls in Romanian national costumes. Nonetheless, this doll is a typical example of the  regional costume. It refers to Romanian Oas region, situated north-east in the Satu Maru country, northern Transilvania. Satu Maru bordering countries are: Ukraine and Hungaria. This doll was made in the 1970s. Height: 21 cm.

Doll from Sintra town in Portugal with a chicken in a basket on its head

Previously we have discussed the Celluloid dolls from the beach town Nazare in Portugal . In contrast this is an example of a celluloid doll which depicts women from the town Sintra in Portugal. Typically, dolls  from Sintra carry baskets with chickens on their head. Height 20cm.

Bern souvenir doll

This doll is an example of a souvenir doll from Switzerland. The doll depicts the Swiss national costume from the capital city of Switzerland Bern. Accordingly, the coat of arm stickers attached to a corner of the doll's apron -contains heraldic colors with a bear which is a symbol of Canton of Bern. Doll height 12 cm. Made in1960s.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Souvenir doll from Rome

Souvenir dolls with apron have been discussed earlier in the Mary O'Neill Doll Museum blog post named
Souvenir dolls from Bruxelles (Belgium) and Napoli and Roma (Italy) made between 1960s-1970s 
However, this is another example of  a souvenir doll from Rome with the name of tourist attraction Basilica di San Pietro (Saint Peters Basilica in Vatican) on its apron.  Height 10 cm.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Eros dolls from Milano (Lombardia)

This is an example of an Eros doll which depicts the Italian regional costume characteristic of Milano (Lombardia).  Height 20 cm. Made between 1960s-1970s.

Eros doll from Firenze in Italy

This is an example of an Eros doll which depicts the Italian regional costume characteristic of Firenze. Height 16 cm, made in 1960s.

Eros doll from Florence in Italy

This is an example of an Eros doll which depicts the Italian regional costume characteristic of Florence. Height 18 cm; made in 1960s.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

King Henry VIII dolls made by Almar

Pictured  King Henry VIII dolls made by Almar between 1960s-1970s. Doll mark Almar Dolls Made in England. Height 18 cm.  
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A souvenir doll from Isle of Man

 Isle of Man UK
This is an example of a souvenir doll from the Isle of Man UK; Height 25cm; Made recently.
There is a story on the box:
'The Story of Your Doll Tartan
Red is the sun that sets in the West
Brown for the Rocks the Wild Flowers know best
Blue is the sea that surrounds our Fair Isle
Green for the Meadows where we tarry awhile
Gold is the Gorse along the field side
White is our cottage where we abide Purple is the Heather that grows on our Hills
Good wishes to all. may suffer no ill.'

Doll in Slovenian national costume

This is an example of a doll dressed in the style of the Upper Carniola Region situated in the Slovenian Alps. Moreover, Gorenjska is the common name for this region in Slovenia.
The Upper Carniola, or Gorenjska costume characterize traditional 'avba' bonnet. This costume is worn especially for religious occasions, such as Easter. Therefore, the gold color ornaments on 'avba' bonnet  may suggest this sunday-best national costume is a display of wealth.
Doll height 20  cm; made between 1960s-1970s.