Miriam makeba doll

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome to Mary O'Neill Doll Museum online

The exhibitions are in storage waiting for a venue. We are sorry the exhibitions are not available to see in person.Welcome to Mary O'Neill Doll Museum online . Enjoy your visit!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Steiff type felt dolls made in 1950s, or earlier

This is an example of 8.5 cm tall handmade felt doll - dressed in German Bavarian costumes. Both dolls were made to look like Steiff's early 20 century felt dolls. Our dolls have embroidered face features which makes them different.

The dolls were possibly made in Germany in the 1950s, or earlier and sold as a souvenir;  crafted with recycled round thread box in New Zealand in 1967, or later.

Written information on the box: "Made in England" (stamped); and  priced  in New Zealand currency 9 c a yard (hand writing) - which suggests  that this box  has been imported for retail in NZ. Cents replaced pennies in New Zealand in 1967.

The box itself is functional and helps the dolls to stand in an upright position; it was also designed to give a look of a music box dancing dolls.

Doll hair was made from fine cotton; attached to a doll's head with a very low-quality glue.

We are unsure whether these dolls were made in Germany; however, the "music box dancing dolls display"  was made in New Zealand.

There are more  German souvenir dolls in our collections getting ready for presentation.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Old Sydney Town's British Empire soldier souvenir doll

This is an example of an Old Sydney Town's British Empire soldier souvenir doll. Old Sydney Town was an open-air museum; officially opened on Australia Day in 1975 and closed in 2003.

This souvenir doll wears a colonial solder's uniform; doll was made in 1970s.