Miriam makeba doll

Friday, March 27, 2015

The SFBJ doll brought to New Zealand by UK migrants early last century

 Mary O'Neill Doll Museum
This is an example of the French SFBJ Jameau Bébé doll with composition body. The SFBJ stands for Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets. This doll was made in Paris around 1910.

This SFBJ doll was brought to New Zealand by UK  migrants early last century. This 100 year old doll is in a very good condition; original wig, bottom lashes painted; upper lashes.

This doll is Colonial New Zealand doll  history from the UK.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Japanese doll image published on the cover page of the "Gisborne Photo News" 12 August 1970

This is the cover page of the NZ magazine of 65 pages called "Gisborne Photo News" No. 194 published on 12 August 1970.   This issue's cover page showcases a Japanese doll. The page 3 paragraph offers a high- quality cultural commentary  as a description of the cover page:

"The realistic looking doll on our cover this month is really only that. It is one of the exquisite figures in the marvellous collection of Japanese dolls owned by Helen Steere of Daphne Street. The doll, who brings to mind images of the exotic East and Expo '70, is based on the character of Madame Butterfly. The Japanese garden and backing was created through the generosity of members of the Bonsai Society who loaned us the bonsai trees and backdrop".

The Gisborne Photo News  magazine helps us to update this type of Japanese dolls.  According to our research this particular shape of a black painted and varnished black doll stand was used in the Japanese doll making  starting before the mid-1960s.  There are other indicators which determine the age of this Japanese doll e.g. fabric of  kimono, the shape of the toes and shape of fingers etc.