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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Announcement - Stella Maris Chapel at the Mary O'Neill Doll Museum in Napier

Mary O'Neill Doll Museum Napier
Announcement, 28th of January 2014

A little Stella Maris Chapel (Our Lady, Star of the Sea) will take place at the Mary O'Neill Doll Museum in Napier.
This chapel will include all the dolls which are objects of religious devotion and made by Mary O'Neill for example a Doll of Pope Benedict XVI, Doll of Adele Euprasie Barbier, St. Mary MacKillop etc. At currently there is a new doll of Archangel Michael in preparation. Mary is planning to design a life size figure of Holy Mary.

"This will be a doll museum chapel devoted to Stella Maris. There are a number of churches in the coastal region throughout the world and in New Zealand being named Stella Maris or Our Lady Star of the Sea. Our Lady of the Sea is a protector of those on the sea. Napier is a coastal town. However, this is not the only reason I devoted this chapel to Our Lady Star of the Sea” Mary O’Neill said today. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mexican doll "Senorita" by Munecos Carserelle from 1950s

This is an example of the souvenir doll  so called "Senorita", made and sold in Mexico in the 1950s. Tag:   Munecos "Carserelle" Marc. Reg. Hecho en Mexico. Height 34 cm.
Francisco Adele Ferrer  is another  name from the same era  known as a wholesale trader of the same type of dolls, dressed in black laced costume. Height 36 cm.
Broken fan is being restored.