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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Sisters of our Lady of the Mission celebrate 150 years of their foundation on 21st of June - Adele Euphrasie Barbier doll

Euphrasie Barbier doll
Doll Exhibit : Sisters of Lady of the Missions Foundress
Euphrasie Barbier

Prepared for celebration at St.Patrick's in Napier.

The Sister of our Lady of the Missions celebrate 150 years of their foundation. The celebration will take place at St. Patrick's in Napier on the 21st June this year.

Euphrasie Barbier  doll was  made by Mary O'Neill  in 2012. The doll outfit made out of vintage fabrics. Used old  plastic doll. Doll marks.  The doll measures  ca 1m. 

On display at  St. Patricks  in Napier on 21st of June.
Celebration at the St. Patrick's  
 Sister Elizabeth at the St. Patrick Church

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