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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kiwiana pecten shell doll

 Mary O'Neill Doll Museum
This shell bride  doll is made in the 1950s. The dress is made out  of Pecten novaezelandiae, common scallop shells. Other shell species are used for the necklace and flowers. Dried seaweed was used for hair. The hands are made out of a pipe cleaner. The face is hand painted, and we believe influenced by Knickerbocker googly eyes dolls still popular in NZ in 1950s.(View Knickerbocker googly eyes doll ). This shell bride doll is part of our Kiwiana Collection. 

 Picton Museum
The Picton Museum (South Island New Zealand) owns  a collection of old plastic dolls  with outfit made of shells.
Thanks to kindness of the Picton Museum stuff a number of dolls with outfit made of shells were taken out of storage for our photo in 2006.

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