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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Romanian calusar doll made in the 1970s

We have previously discussed a doll in the female  Romanian national costume which depicts the Oas regional etnographic costume of northern Transilvania. Similarly, in this post we present the doll in the male costume from the Bihor county and Crisanan Regional capital Oradea in Western Romania.

However, this costume has its origins in Moldovan tradition.  In more detail, this dance has had a feeling of some sort of spiritual warning, or coming of spring. This is a mystical spiritual dance and it was for the first time mentioned in the king Centemir’s Descripto Moldaviae Framkfurt und Leipzig 1771.  Although, historically shared at the same time with Romania, Moldova has become independent in 1991. Today, this dance is also performed in different Romanian surrounding countries by the  Romanian ethnic minorities.

However, pictured doll wears typical Romanian calusarii costume characteristic for the North West Romania. The word calusari is is of non-English origin. It was derived from the word calusarri given to dancers of this kind in Romanian language. There are different interpretations for the origin of the name calusari in Romanian language.However, calusari have been defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary  as 'a Romanian hobbyhorse dance’.

Doll height: 32 cm. This is an original Coop.Arta Crisana Oradea Papusa Port Popular Calusar.

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