Monday, December 28, 2015

Kiwiana collection:One of a kind crocheted doll in a beige colour NZ’s cricket uniform made in 1981

      Originally, this was once a small rubber child’s doll played with in NZ in the 1950s. Two decade later, in Auckland in 1981 - this pre-loved rubber doll was recycled – and only the doll head and part of doll bodice were used in the new crocheted version.

     The new doll now has become a cricket player. The doll wears a beige coloured uniform with the brown stripe around V neck sweater and red shoes.
     The beige and brown was the colour of the NZ limited overs team i.e. ‘One Day’ team cricket uniforms worn in 1980s in the so called ”golden age of NZ cricket”.

     The cricket player doll holds a traditional red ball which is historically used in the first class level cricket. The player was crafted in a position he is holding a red cricket ball ready to bowl.
     “One Day” cricket attracted school children to play this game especially in Auckland. Today, cricket is not so popular with school children as it was in the 1980s.
     In the UK in the early 20th century famous cricketers pictures were popular and widely distributed. It all started in 1907 with “Capstan” cigarettes who were giving away a picture of a popular cricket player. For example on the rear of the card of English cricket player Maclaren “Capstan’s” cigarettes picture it read:

     “This picture is No. 33 of a series of prominent Australian and English Cricketers which are issued by manufacturers of “Capstan” cigarettes. Every packet of cigarettes contains a Picture”. Later on in Art Deco time postcards with cricket players were popular.

     Our doll does not identify a famous NZ cricket player. We believe a granny portrayed her grandson. Height 8 cm.

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