Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rare dolls: Ella Smith's "Alabama baby" doll (Betty Boop)

 Mary O'Neill Doll Museum
     Ella Smith from Roanoke in Alabama crafted her first handmade doll in 1899; known as "Alabama baby" doll [aka Alabama Indestructible Doll]. In the town Roanoke in Alabama, Ella Smith soon started her small doll factory with more than 10 employees.

     This doll is an example of  "Alabama baby" handmade  in circa 1920s. However, this doll has been altered in early 1930 when her black hair was added, and new clothes made to look like a popular 1930s character Betty Boop. Some other small changes were also made.  

     The top price for this doll is US $4000. 

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