Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The early Armand Marseille doll in the royal Scotish costume made in the late 1890s - Merry Christmas

 Mary O'Neill Doll Museum
This is an example of a very early Armand Marseille doll with a bisque head and composition body.

Russian born Armand migrated to Germany, where he started his porcelain factory in Kopellsdorf in 1985. This doll was made in Germany in the late 1890s, not later than 1901, where he also made dolls of the same kind in German ethnic costume.  

The influential and long reigning queen Victoria was an important figure in European history. This doll was made to appeal to queen Victoria and her much-loved Balmoral castle in Scotland,  as well as people of her era.

The doll is dressed in the royal style of Scottish outfit with tartan. If we have a look at the list of the official Scottish tartans, there is no similarities between  them and the design of  this doll tartan with green and peach colour.  

The look of the royal silver plated doll  brooch with a purple stone relates to the queen Victoria style of sophistication. If we have a look at the coronation portrait of queen Victoria painted by George Hayter in 1837,  we will instantly recognize the refinement of the Victorian age where this brooch would simply add to a royal style of  Queen Victoria.

 Merry Christmas

Mary O'Neill Doll Museum

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