Monday, February 10, 2014

NZ clown makersin Australia and "Kako" the friendship clown

This is "Kako", the friendship clown. It was made    Patti and Vic Whittome for the 12th Australian National Cake Decoration Seminar 2003. Patty is a cake decorator.

"The swagman doll  was made by Patti & Vic as gifts to all the attendees (approx 250) at the National Seminar held in Sydney in 2009. I was National President at the time and these were generously made and donated by Patti &Vic.

They had previously made a clown for the 2003 Seminar and a wizard for the 2007 seminar, again  as gifts for all attendees. All were made to be in keeping with the theme of the Seminar" Marilyn Dzelmanis corresponded with Mary O'Neill today.

The 2 "Kako" clowns arrived today to our museum. Height   30cm.
Tag: "Clown makers" Patti and Vic Whittome
have much pleasure in presenting our personal donation of "KAKO" the friendship Clown. The idea of the "Clown" came to us after the Seminar in Adelaide when the theme for the Seminar in Surfers paradise, Queensland was to be a beach party. What party would be complete without a "clown"? The project has been in progresfor the last 2 years. I had previously worked with resin so I showed Vic what to do. He took over making moulds, castings the heads, hands & boots in resin, torso and wire limbs. I did the sewings, painting and dressing. Boxmaking was shared by us bothI took time out to do the cakes for Mt Coot-tha and EKKA so finishing this huge project would not have been possible without Vic's unfailing help. We hope you enjoy this keepsake from the 12th national Seminar 2003".



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