Sunday, September 29, 2013

Skippy the bush Kangaroo toy

Skippy toy handcrafted in NZ 1960-1970
The Australian TV series Skippy the bush Kangaroo were produced between 1966- 1968. Skippy very soon has become popular in New Zealand. Pictured toy in this blog is Skippy the bush Kangaroo, hand crafted  in New Zealand in the late 1960s -  early 1970s.
The Little Golden Book was popular in the 1970s and often found in the school libraries. Here is a page  from  one now discarded Little Golden Book  from Mangaweka school. The name  of the book is Skippy to the Rescue. This page also gives us an info on the cost of the book in the 1970s. It was  originally sold for 29 cents. Here is a stamp of the school.

 Fridge magnet

"Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the bush Kangaroo" hear the children sing. Skippy's popularity has faded in 1980s.

1950 Fontana knitting book  NZ
However, if we take a look back at the years  before Skippy the bush kangaroo was born, we can see that   "Koala" was a popular design on girls cardigan. Pictured the cover page of  the 1950 Fontana knitting book published by Paragon Art Needle craft limited  Wellington and Dunedin, New Zealand. (Also sold in Australia and South Africa).

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