Monday, April 1, 2013

Sami doll made in Italy in the 1960s

This is an example of an Italian doll with  a soft, flexible plastic or vinyl body  and celluloid head made in the  1960s.  Doll marks are inscribed on the back of a  vinyl body  of this  doll. The marks  show a stork holding a baby and letters Made in Italy.  
The doll mark of a stork carrying a  baby  originated in Germany in the early 1900s, however, these 2 doll marks are  not identical. Italian stork  carrying a baby doll mark  is  different from the German stork carrying a baby doll mark created  by  celluloid doll maker Jacob Jung in  early 1912. In both cases there is  a standing stork but the baby itself is different. In the  Italian doll mark the stork is carrying a baby wrapped in a bunch, the German stork carrying a  baby. The doll  stands 15 cm tall.
The Sami people  are of the  Arctic  origin. Today  Sami live in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.   The  doll portrays  Sami girl dressed in a felt cloth with silky  scarf. The colors of Sami girl clothes are the colors of the Sami flag. The girl also wears a white scarf over her shoulders.

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