Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vidi Chandra donates 2 dolls to our museum - Doll exhibit prepared for Napier Library

 NZ Pedigree saucy walker late 1940s
Rosebud doll made in England
In March this year Vidi Chandra donated 2 dolls to the Mary O'Neill Doll Museum. One is a Genuine Pedigree Saucy Walker  doll made in New Zealand in  the late 40s and another  a genuine  Rosebud doll made in England, dating from the early  1950s. The Dolls arrived without clothes and Mary O'Neill has sown an outfit for the Pedigree doll. The Rosebud doll wears vintage clothes  which was decorated by Mary O'Neill.

The dolls belonged to Vidi Chandra's mother, Diane Cox,  who was tragically killed in the Carterton hot air balloon accident  in January this year. The dolls were part of her parents estate.

" Much as I would love to tell you about these dolls I think my mum rescued them only 14 years ago so although they have been around while my kids were little I don't really know any thing about them.
My mum was marvelous at sewing and knitting so often rescued toys and fixed them up or made full sets of clothes for old dolls and gave them to grandchildren or kept them for children of neighbors to play with,"
said Mrs. Chandra.

Both dolls will be on  display next week at the Napier Public Library. The name of display is "Early days".

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Playmobil Romans said...

Those dolls are good to see in a museum. It should be seen by many. Dolls like this are really must see toys.