Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mengfi Zhang talks about dolls in Chinese costumes

Mary O'Neill recently  spoke to Mengfi Zhang.There are 2 ornaments, a boy and girl  made out of clay with an  original frame and  text Mengfi translated  into Englsih from Chinese  language. It will be fully published in our magazine New Zealand Doll and Toy chronicle. 
Mengfi also gave an opinion regarding other doll museum items of Chinese origin. Mengfi  observed 3 vintage barbies in Chinese doll costume made in late 1960s. "Old China had a 5 periods Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Quing. They are dressed in  Ming  or Quing Dynasty period costume?I think its Ming." said Mengfi Zhang.


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susan a. said...

I have a doll that is one of these. She is on a brown plastic base, the strip of paper is gone and only the staples remain. She is quite lovely, I never realized how old or what she was. I am happy to have found this out.