Saturday, August 6, 2011

Knickerbocker 1940s (or earlier) googly eyes celluloid doll with molded painted socks and shoes

Knickerbocker googly eyes celluloid doll in a "little jump suite"
The Knickerbocker is an  American Toy Company established  in 1927. This doll  item  is a very characteristic   Knickerbocker googly eyes celluloid doll   with molded painted  socks and shoes and hair loop. This type of doll was made out of plastic in the 1950s. 
This week Mary O'Neill visited Marie Batkin and Ann White at Craft 4 you shop in Hasting to consult them about the  age of this home made doll outfit.

" All in one little jump suite. This fabric  is called seersecker that never look flat. It's waivy or  bubbly. I use to make clothes for my 2 girls" said Ann Whites.

 "It is just a piece of material sown on. Somebody just put on to cover up.This material and design was around for a long time in New Zealand. It was very popular from  the 1940s. With this fabric  I use to make a kids cloths too" said Marie Batkin. 
Ann Whites looks at Knickerbocker doll. 
Read magazine New Zealand Doll and Toy Chronicle for more

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