Friday, July 29, 2011

Matariki in Wairoa brings back Miriamar's childhood memories

On the 1st of July Mary O'Neill was invited to Matariki (Maori New Year) Festival  in  Wairoa. Mary also met Miriamar Hammond at Taiwhenua Wairoa  who is a community health provider and also a Ngati Kahungunu executive.
What does Matariki Festival mean to you?
"It was something we were brought with. Singing is a part of our culture" explained Mrs. Hammond. 
As a child have you been a part of Matariki Festival in Wairoa?
"It was never celebrated the way it is done now. When I was a child on the 1st of July it would be a big Ringata Hui (Church) and it would be a big gathering. As children we were part of the festivity but we were seen and not heard. We were quite."
As a child did you like to play with dolls ?
"My grandfather use to buy me a dolls, but I did not really look after them. I preferred to play with animals around the farm" described Miriamar.

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