Monday, February 21, 2011

Sylvia McKenna donates 5 dolls to our museum -The pearly queen character doll made by Sylvia McKenna

The  Pearly Queen is a  soft cloth character doll one of 5 dolls that  has been donated to Mary O'Neill Doll Museum in December 2010. Mrs. McKenna who donated this doll was born in the UK and migrated to New Zealand many years ago. Today Sylvia works as a circulation desk manager at the Napier Library. Sylvia made this doll.

We are going to publish the photo of the pearly queen doll in our magazine the   New Zealand Doll and Toy Chronicle. The pearly queen and king custom is not well  known in NZ.  We  decided to  provide a photo of the  pearly king or queen for our readership  . This is for our readers  to be able to understand how the doll was created.  In December  2010 Mary O'Neill corresponded  with Carol Jolly   who is a pearly queen of Crystal Palace in London.

"It is not very common to find a pearly doll. Although some of the grandma's make them" Mrs. Jolly  exclusively said for our magazine.
                                                                                       Read  magazine  New Zealand Doll and Toy Chronicles for more.

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