Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doll made in 1940s to match the color of NZ state houses

Bathroom dolls are part of kiwiana collection in our doll museum. This particular doll is an item from early 1940 to early 1950s. The doll outfit is woven in green and yellow color.

Marie Batkin from Happy Craft 4 You shop
in Hastings is a doll outfit maker. Mary O'Neill consulted her about the age of this doll outfit.

"Between 1945-1955, the green was the main color in the first NZ state houses. Unusual green dullish green, very nice. My first state house was green. The green usually had a cream edging around the edges in the kitchen cabinets and  cupboards. A teapot doll and bathroom dolls are made to match the state housing colors", Mrs Batkins explained

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