Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mrs Joan Schultze's childhood in Art Deco times

Mrs. Joan Schultze's happy childhood in the Central Hawke's Bay in 1920s
and her doll Betty and Gollywog

Mrs Joam Schultze from Napier likes to remember her childhood in Otane in the Central Hawke's Bay. As a 2 years old child she was photographed with her two favourite toys. These were her celluloid doll Betty, and her Gollywog made out of wool.

When Joan was around 2 years old, her uncle, her mother's youngest brother bought her a celluloid doll. Joan named her Betty.

Thanks to the courtesy of Mrs Schultze we have two photographs from her childhood, one Joan with her doll Betty and another of Joan with her Gollywog, made available for the Mary O'Neill Doll Museum. Those two photograps were taken in 1920s in Otane (Central Hawke's Bay). On this occasion on the April 19, 2008 we again photographed Joan with her doll Betty.

Phoptographs in this blog post:
Celluloid doll named Betty by Joan, is an item from the late 1910s to early 1920s.
Mrs Joan Schultze and her doll Betty in 2008.
Joan and her doll Betty in 1920s.

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